End to end mapping solutions to the Agriculture Industry
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State-of-the-art intuitive dashboards for the right insights
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Cutting edge training & Mobile App for Survey and data collection
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From Spatial data to software implementation learn from our experts
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GIS and Image processing

From Digitization to processing of satellite imagery we have it all. We create the finest GIS maps from scratch.

  • Digitization / Data conversion
  • Data integration & migration
  • Spatial data analysi
  • Implementation services

Agri Mapping and intelligence

Knowledge is power. We create accurate plot level maps and filter data into them and make these accessible to our clients.

  • Plot level mapping services using PLOTITPlot level mapping services using PLOTIT
  • Acreage estimations.
  • Crop quality monitoring
  • Yield analysis and forecast..
  • Varietal segregation of crops.
  • Correlation modelling to estimate and forecast productivity.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Early disease warning system.

Statistics & Dashboards

Dashboards are good for data visualization. Our statistical tools power our dashboards for the right insights.

We are a company that helps organizations create, filter, manage, maintain and process spatial data in collaboration with its many attributes. Hence, it is imminent that we have processes, software and solutions to represent the data in the best visualization packages.

Flood Modelling

We use cutting edge GIS and physics of fluid flow to offer flooding solutions to today's cities and towns.

  • 1D, 2D and Hybrid modelling.
  • Hydraulics and Hydrology.
  • Visualization and simulation.
  • Full master plan preparation for management of floods.
  • Network analysis and run of modelling.
  • Watersheds and catchment area analysis.
  • Flood plain mapping and risk studies.
  • Decision support and predictive modelling